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From a large fleet to a small one, our Fleet management services and solutions will help you improve and encourage efficiency on your back office to the driver seat.
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Fleet Management

Working with local developers, we ensure a quality software in your hands. From API injecting if you have your own company software to customized hardware solutions. Our team of experts will work with you to complete your requirements and more.
Amazing Software
Monitor your assets location and diagnostics all in one app. Enhance your managers experience and encourage improvement on drivers using the data you gather from here.
Easy Growth
With the tools and modules provided by our Fleet Management Services and Solutions, the data and information gathered can be used to easily build on and improve your infrastructure allowing you to scale up your business.
Robust Reports
Using the data points extracted from our extensive and customizable reports system. Adjust and take action on your weaknesses
Fully Managed
GPS tracking systems are now being used in a wide variety of industries to monitor the location and movement of assets. They are also being used to monitor employees’ whereabouts, which is a very useful tool for managers.

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Features That Bring Results

Our platform for fleet management is easy-to-use and feature-rich.

Fleet Status

Fleet activity information to make decisions better

Tachograph Solution

Remotely download data from tachograph.

Time Analysis

Manage working, driving and resting times.

Fuel Module

Detailed fuel level and consumption information.


Rank drivers by driving style, wasted fuel and efficiency.


Customize, generate and subscribe to reports.

Routing & Tasking

Create routes with tasks and send them to drivers.


Get notifications when vehicle needs to be serviced.


Manage vehicles with pre-set work areas.


Get notifications when specific events happen.


Send messages and files to driver from the platform.


Get an overview of fleet performance.