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They asked us to customize a system where Nestle as a Principal can also monitor their sub-contracted/3rd party haulers to maintain visibility across all fleets while maintaining privacy between their haulers. The most appreciated features that they use are, of course our Real-Time Location Tracking so they can monitor POI ingress and egress and a Distress Button to respond faster in Emergency situations. They also keep in track of their driver's KPI and improve it using our Driver behavior reports and monitoring.

Buildnet//Eagle Cement

We integrated our software APIs to their company's proprietary software. They used our fuel level sensor. We made sure that their deliveries are on-time. 

Pineapple Plantation Company

Our reports in Historical trips, Historical work on Heavy equipment specifically to monitor performance of their heavy equipment fleet. For ground preparation using the sprayers and other heavy equipment, to maintaining service vehicles. We at Skyhawk effectively fullfiled all customized requirements they need to maintain efficiency in a large heavy equipment fleet.

CDO Foodsphere

Precise temperature measurements and monitoring for their mobile fleet of refrigerated vehicles. They use our temperature sensor that has been calibrated and verified it's accuracy by DOST. Along with the sensor and it's accompanying detailed reports and events they can monitor and resolve any issues faster, prevent waste and be more efficient than before.