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You will increase the fleet efficiency in each category with the right tools and practices: from data forecasting and client relations, to maintenance and driver safety.
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Skyhawk's Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management can provide actionable data that can help you identify pain points and act accordingly to optimize your business and in this case, avoid unnecessary costs.
These fleet management tools can be leveraged by companies to improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, and make sure they're on top of their game.

Fleet Management benefits



Using the application and European-made Tracking Devices. We maintain an accurate and real-time feedback that allows you to see what's going on in-detail. And with our feature-rich accessory and attachments, we are sure that we can select the best for your needs.
Robust & Reliable Hardware
Multitude of Accessories


From vehicle status, and trip history, to arrival/departure, and driver behavior. This equips you with accurate data to give you a better view of your business to improve planning, encourage efficiency, and productivity.
Identifying Weaknesses
Decrease Maintenance Costs
Increase Driver Productivity


From securing your assets with accessories like door and load sensors, to monitoring your temperature sensitive trailers accurately. Our systems also encourage driver and passenger safety.
Lessen Wastage
Driver Safety
Peace of mind for the people who manage.


Responding in the quickest way possible to  almost all situations. It also allows you to be actively effectively micro-manage when needed. The faster you adapt to situations the less mistakes you make.
Private Emergency Dispatch
Panic Button and Accident Detection
Instant Communication either via. OnTrack or an Accessory like Bluetooth Comms.

Web and Mobile Application

Ease-of-use and Powerful. Our application is available in all platforms.

How does this help?

With our application, we can help you to see real-time data and telematics to get you up to speed on your business where ever you are. Accurate reports and Response built-in the application.
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Available to Web/Android/iOS
Compatible with almost all Smart Phones
Driver Application w/ a feature-rich chat function (Tasks Assignment, Photo Upload, etc.)
Connect drivers, vehicles, tasks, routes, KPIs and all other data in a single platform.
Get data from digital tachograph, CANbus, monitor fuel level and consumption, rate drivers by their driving style and more.