GPS Tracking
Goes beyond the basics.


Track what matters.

Locating your vehicles in real-time with Skyhawk's Application gives you the advantage of insight. Knowing the better routes to plot encourage efficiency, Watching your Driver's behavior on the wheel avoiding violations saves you resources. and to be honest, it saves you and your business unnecessary headaches.
IP67 Weatherproof
Our devices are reliable in off-road, in the rain, and other harsh environments.
These devices are equipped with Anti-Tampering, Anti-Jamming and an Internal Battery that can run for 3 days.

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Customizable in Accessories

From Fuel Level Sensors to accurately measure your Fuel Tank data to Two-Way Push-to-Talk Comms for easier Direct Communication from Managers/Monitoring Team to Drivers and much more.
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Increase Productivity

Your ability to monitor your drivers and making sure they're compliant in safety driving and efficient driving saves you precious fuel costs. Violation Management on drivers make sure of that.
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Lessen Risk of Theft

As you can track the location of your vehicle anytime. You can respond as soon as there's instant alerts/notifications on your SMS and/or email and the police can get to your asset quickly before any major damage is done.
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