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Fuel Monitoring


Fuel Tank Control

Helps you keep track of your fuel fill levels by pinpointing fuel fill stations on your map. You can keep tabs on how much fuel you are using and make sure all purchased fuel is inputted into the tank. and sets real fuel consumption rates for vehicles.
Rating drivers and vehicles according to their fuel consumption
Sets real fuel consumption rates for vehicles.

Fuel Theft Protection

Detect sudden fuel level drops during the vehicle' operation. This can be a sign of a potential fuel theft event. Use Fuel Theft Protection and never worry about somebody draining your car's gas tank while you're not looking.
Detect engine idling
Detect and Monitor fuel draining

Reports and notifications

Get in-depth reports, statistics, and insights to make informed decisions about when to refuel and how much to refill for greater fuel efficiency.
Accurate Reporting
Real-Time Updates
Customized Reports

Fuel data

Transparent view of your fleet's fuel consumption and spending. Connecting your fleet to our platform is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once we have the data, we'll provide you with reports that visualize data in an easy-to-understand interface.
Easy to Navigate
Actionable Data

for cost-reduction
and scaling up

By creating and executing policies based on actionable data,you can reduce fuel waste by up to 80%.
Fuel Monitoring
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Offering the fastest ROI among all the accessories available.

Our cutting-edge system includes a comprehensive set of tools for fuel monitoring, detecting anomalies like fuel theft and costly consumption patterns. Real-time data tracking helps identify inefficiencies, prevent losses, and optimize fleet operations, leading to reduced fuel expenses and environmental impact. Furthermore, our platform allows you to implement data-driven driving policies to promote fuel-efficient practices and enhance overall fleet performance.
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Discover the game-changing fuel monitoring system that's revolutionizing industries across the globe! Embracing cutting-edge technology and innovative engineering, this extraordinary solution has already won hearts with its unparalleled success stories. Let's dive into some thrilling case studies that demonstrate the system's prowess.
Saturn Cement
Saturn Cement used our fuel level sensor to combat rampant fuel-theft in their business. Allowing to save a huge amount of pesos.
Integrating the fuel level sensor made for their business! It's like gaining a sixth sense for our fuel management. With real-time data and accurate insights at our fingertips, we now optimize fuel usage like never before.
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